Angie recently delivered a range of activities for the Healthy Activities and food project (HAF) working with children between the ages of 5 and 14. The HAF program gave an opportunity to explore a specific idea with young people in the different areas across Sheffield.

In the HAF sessions, the young people are learned different ceramic techniques including imprinting and applying them to create their own individual personalised fish.

Participants were encouraged to create 2 fish, one that they could take home as a memento of their day and involvement in the project and one that has culminated in this vibrant installation.

‘Swim Against the Current’ is a creative installation where all the fish are traveling in the same direction apart from one fish that is swimming in the opposite direction. The young people involved in the project learned that it’s ok to be different and to not follow the crowd. The project celebrates bravery, strength and courage. Promoting uniqueness, individuality and difference.

Throughout the HAF sessions, the young people were offered an exciting art experience where they have realised their potential and grown in confidence. The exhibition further promotes a positive experience, to celebrate their achievement, embedding a sense of inclusion, belonging and ownership. The installation is extremely advantageous for young people and is ultimately something to be proud of.

The work was on display in the Winter Gardens from 6th Dec to 19th Dec 2021