Photos: Charlotte Newton

Watch the video here: Clifton Park Artist Residency 2022

Throughout December 2021 to February 2022 Angie was the Artist in Residency at Clifton Park Museum, developing a new piece of work that has strong links to the Covid recovery period that we currently experiencing.

The prominent theme of the ceramic installation is based around moths. Moths are not traditionally seen as beautiful creatures and are often seen as insignificant. Angie explored how the moth’s life cycle is very relevant in the pandemic climate. Retreating, embracing change, re-emerging transformed and renewed but not as confident and as bold as a butterfly. Much like communities emerging from the covid situation.

Angie responded to the moth collections at Clifton Park Museum using them as visual inspiration. Angie also engaged with visitors informally and through a series of demonstrations and creative workshops, developing ideas through ceramics.

The work evolved during the residency, commencing with a series of ceramic cocoons to represent the lockdown period and being at home. From the Chrysalis a sequence of ceramic moths emerge, narrating personal experiences on their wings.

The project exemplifies recovery, progression and growth from the pandemic and is respectful of different opinions. The underlying focus is rebuilding and joining communities together. The multiple forms symbolize part of a larger whole, working cooperatively in unity.

This ambitious art project has created a welcoming space for visitors to reflect. The artwork will exist to educate, inform and tell a story but ultimately shows how people within the area are moving forward, entering the recovery period.

The Residency has enabled Angie to reconnect with the community.  The Project has provided the time and space to develop her practice and she as a result has explored working on a larger scale.